Tax Time Alert

Before you file your tax return, remember to:

The Bank Statements
The Credit Card Statements
The Loan Statements
The Accounts Receivable
The Accounts Payable
The Sales Tax
The Payroll Tax
The Undeposited Funds

Leave no “Widows and Orphans” on your Books.
Contact me if you need help.
~ because Efficiency Counts!

Bookkeeping Services

1. Get your bookkeeping organized and caught up.

We can come to your place of business, groom your books, and get them up to date. We’ll get you set up and give you some coaching you so you can handle it much better in the future.

2. Learn to use your QuickBooks

We can

  • Install the software,
  • Help you set it up for your situation,
  • Train you on QuickBooks.
  • Or, if you’ve made a bit of a mess with it, we can help you figure out how to proceed from here.

3. Have us do your bookkeeping at our office, or at your place of business.

You keep track of all the invoices, checks, deposits, etc. We do the data entry and make sure your books stay accurate and up to date.


Any of the above can save you a LOT more money than it will cost – not to mention stress! And then you are ready for tax time!

Contact Us: (402) 460-6355 or use our handy form.

Computer Training / Software Training

Has your computer – or some program you own – got you scared or frustrated?

Do you need help finding the right software for what you need to do?

Sometimes a few hours of personalized training can make a HUGE difference. Even one hour can sometimes help a lot. We can help you, and your employees, get comfortable with your computer and with what it can do for you.

We offer individual or small-group training, at your place or ours, in:

Knowing and using your computer better

Don’t know the first thing about it? We offer basic lessons. Need help accessing or managing your email? Don’t know how to organize things in all those files? Call us for a couple of hours of introduction. Don’t know if your current computer can handle a project you are thinking of? Give us a call.

Quickbooks (bookkeeping)

Track activity in several bank accounts and several home or business accounts. Handle payroll and tax season.

Excel (spreadsheets)

Excel is a powerful tool for spreadsheet development. There are all kinds of special techniques to help you handle your numbers better. Excel is already installed on many computers.


Word is a powerful word processor which can help you produce letters or brochures, develop outlines, structure term papers, etc. Spend two or three hours learning how it works.


Learn to create business cards, greeting cards, ads, newsletters.

Powerpoint (presentations)

Prepare a computer-based slide show for your clients, Sunday School class, etc.

Access (database construction)

This is a very robust database software. It allows far more flexible storing, sorting, and production of data of all sorts. If you have MS Office Pro (any year) you already have Access on your computer. If not, it is available at a low cost.

Other kinds of software

Give us a call or email us. If you’ve bought something and don’t know how to use it, or if you’re thinking of buying something, we’d be glad to provide some guidance for you.

Time Really IS Money.

Everybody knows that “time is money,” but sometimes we just can’t see those pesky little ineffiencies hiding in our daily work.

Maybe your bookkeeping is just a mess – or maybe not a mess, but you’d like to have it running more efficiently and reliably.

Or maybe you’re struggling with software that is supposed to HELP you manage your business, but it’s either useless or a major hassle!

It takes surprisingly few hours to get a pretty good grasp of how to use, for example, Quickbooks, MS Small Business Accounting, Excel, Word, or Publisher.

And you might be surprised how much a custom-built database could do for you! We have pre-built databases already available which you can purchase ready-to-roll.

We can probably help for less cost than you think. It’s usually cheaper to get things running right than trying to herd a bunch of disorderly ducks!