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Efficiency Counts
1401 N Elm Ave
Hastings, NE 68901

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For existing customers, please contact either Connie or Brian.

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(402) 460-6355 (local office number in Hastings, NE)

5 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi Doug,

    I am just now recovering from the due dates for Farm Tax Returns (March 1st) and S-Corp Tax Returns (March 15th) and Small Business Tax Returns (April 15th) and I just saw your letter. If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to call or text or email me at

    Have an Efficient Day!

    Connie 🙂

  2. Connie,

    Several years ago, I came to Hastings and you fine- tuned my Quickbooks for an autobody shop, Black Diamond Auto in Lexington.
    Now, I am having a “Help” problem with this company, and another company, Freedom Electric. In neither company is the “Help” button taking me to the usual window that allows me to select a topic or enter a topic that I need help with.
    Specifically, I need to determine how to set up sales tax for items that are bought for inventory and sales tax is paid at purchase (Option 2 for contractors).
    Doug Lynn
    Lexington, NE
    cell: 308-325-7136

  3. Hi Connie:
    We’re interested in visiting with you about a QB problem we’re having at IdeaBank Marketing. Please give me a call as soon as possible at 402-463-0588. Thank you.
    Tam Schlueter

  4. Hi Connie – I couldn’t remember your old email – anyway I’d be glad to pay for a couple hours work on that sales tax question (so I can take my taxes down & get em done so I can pay my property tax). Anyway Joannie (my little sister) is there all day today and is good with this kind of thing or I am there after 5:00) Look forward to hearing from you…. Pat

  5. I looked you up today in case Mom wanted some help with the checks. She did NOT want help.(-:
    I guess she is using her old secretary skills–good for her! Congrats on your award, Connie, that is so great! I love that you are in Dad’s old office. You should sing a country tune now and then while you’re there. Hugs to you, Mitzi

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